Throughout this Spring semester I am part of two independent studies to research the foundations of my thesis project next year. The exploration is focused on the site of an ancient Roman Villa Marittima constructed in the 1st Century B.C. by one of the most powerful families under the rule of Nero: The Domitii. The research has led me to delve both into technological path, using tools for architecture such as 3D Scanning and Virtual Reality but also the academic path of material and roman construction methods research. My thesis project will involve both an in depth archeological research and 3D reconstruction of the ruins together with the design of a museum to host the site’s artefacts. 
The images below are evidence of the work I am doing in Charlottesville in order to learn the 3D scanning methods of world heritage sites (namely the U.V.a lawn and Monticello) and how to use the programs necessary for the processing of such data. At the end of the semester I will also be publishing on this platform the outcome of my research in Roman construction methods and materials under the form of an illustrated book(let).

Taking pictures for the digital modelling of an iron cast capital through photogrammetry.

Scanning a Standford White era plaster rosette from the post-fire Rotunda at U.V.a.. 

Scanning at Monticello.

Taking photographs with the DJI Drone Inspire 2 to recreate the site using photogrammetry.

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