At the very beginnings of my research with my thesis project, I decided that in order to achieve the breath and depth of research I imagined I would have to learn the technical and technological tools of Cultural Heritage Informatics. Hence I learned 3D Scanning with Virtual Reality, photogrammetry, point cloud data processing and more. The images below are evidence of the work I did in Charlottesville in order to learn the 3D scanning methods and protocol of world heritage sites (namely the U.V.a lawn and Monticello) and how to use the programs necessary for the processing of such data. After gaining a full command of these methods and utilising them for my own research, I was invited to join a team of Historic Preservationists to go scan and digitise the Rotonda by Andrea Palladio in Vicenza, Italy. See images below. 
Taking pictures for the digital modelling of an iron cast capital through photogrammetry.
Scanning a Standford White era plaster rosette from the post-fire Rotunda at U.V.a.. 
Scanning at Monticello.
Taking photographs with the DJI Drone Inspire 2 to recreate the site using photogrammetry.
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