FALL 2018 (in progress) - FOURTH YEAR - Esther Lorenz
Kinestetic Montage is a research studio which students are allowed to take in their penultimate semester at UVa. It is composed of six undergraduate and six graduate students and travels to Hong Kong to study through film the density of the built environment and how humans relate to it. The semester begins with the basics of film and a film set to understand the way in which a camera lens can be used to shape the perception of perspective. It then involves a site visit of ten days in which students have to create the film which will then shape the architecture they design. ‘Layered Geometries’ is an exploration into the illusion of collapsed spaces, breathing between the tri-dimensional realm and the two dimensional. This optical effect is prevalent in Honk Kong, where the density of buildings subverts the perspectival and the anthropometric, thus activating the two-dimensional lens. The vertical grid of Hong Kong is a catalyst to the process: framing views through vertical and horizontal datums such as window mullions or building facades, which hide the elements grounding the perspective and establish a mounted composition of the city.  Through this urban frame, architectural elements become detached from their original definitions and become part of the Layered geometries. 

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