SPRING 2017  -  SECOND YEAR STUDIO - Andrew Brown/Alexander Wall
This studio focused on housing in Charlottesville, VA, and addressed the issue of both student and family residences potentially combining. I began with an urban-scale scheme, exploring how to use the site's position as connection between a government housing area to high end apartments previously divided by a steep hill and trees. Building off of existing buildings close to the street, to open up a main street condition, I was interested in how the new structures could become spaces of connection across three different ground levels. Starting from the rooftops which served as public amphitheatres to the ground level, designed as a thoroughly open space in which program is  divided by a series of steps and finally the underground level in which all the background operations take place (kitchens, storage, parking...) .  Click images to enlarge.  

Housing                                                                                     Ground Floor                                                                         Underground 

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