Professor: William Hutching
Spring 2016 

I. Prompt and Proposal
The final design prompt in Architecture 1030, Foundation Studio, invites first year design students to create, fabricate, and install a provisional personal living pod. This project challenged students to consider the notion of human habitation while they negotiated the occupation of the public realm. It is a team project undertaken in groups of three, prompting students to build their pod solely out of recycled materials which must consequently be re-recycled. The project was designed as a parasite to a structure found in front of the U.V.a. Architecture School. It created a mirroring condition to the already existing structure and provided a seating area which could be rearranged through a system of hanging ropes to a sheltered sleeping area. The chosen joint method was efficient inasmuch as it stretched according to the weight of the person sitting on it, creating a cushion-like effect.

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