SPRING 2018 - THIRD YEAR STUDIO - Michael Beaman
‘Time is flowing’ is part of a landscape studio focused on the design of rest-stops along the I-64 specifically catering to the needs of electric cars and their respective charging stations. The project was designed as a time portal, a pause from the technologies of the present. The charging stations and parking area are located at 250 ft from the actual building, enabling an almost processional walk downhill to the woods, and the building. The long walls shown in the plan create the visual and physical connection from the water and its turbines which generate the electricity back to the charging stations and the cars. The use of large water mills as well as the design of the whole structure into several smaller clusters mimicking the scale of a dwelling were purposefully generated to create a sense of intimacy and connection to nature in parallel with the physical abandonment of technology in the parking lot. 
The project was executed with J. Strong and C. Navin. 
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