Professor: Michael Beaman
Group project with: Claire Navin and James Strong
Spring 2018
I. Prompt
This is the only studio in the school’s curriculum primarily focusing on the design of the landscape. The syllabus began with a month-long study of land formations and alterations through Grasshopper. After learning the necessary tools and effects to digitally manipulate the landscape we were introduced to the studio’s prompt: to design a ‘rest-stop of the future’. The station had to be located along I-64, and needed to provide electrical charging stations for both cars and trucks. Hence the length of each stay was comprised between 1.30h for small cars to 8h for 18 wheel trucks.  
II. Site
The research began with the analysis of I-64, it’s current rest stop locations and possible interventions. We decided upon a location in West Virginia, sited at the intersection of a the New River, the Appalachian Mountain Trail, and the railroad. This intersection of all modes of ground transportation seemed appropriate in grounding a futuristic design in the context of all previous transportation technologies. 
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